Gritblasting Services

Gunite Solutions Limited offer high pressure shot blasting to the construction and marine industry. We have a fleet of shotblasting machines/mobile units which are capable of providing the following services:

  • Paint removal and lead paint removal
  • Coating removal
  • Surface preparation
  • Steel cleaning

We have good experience and a proven track record of working in the UK on all types of high pressure blast work. Projects we have completed include:

  • Concrete and brick scabbling for surface preparation (for Gunite, renders and coatings)
  • Reservoir tank coating removal
  • Rust removal from corroded steel (bridges, tanks and vessels, marine works, railings etc)

Our Gritblast units are all maintained to the highest safety standards and are tested regularly. We operate some of the best equipment on the market and so are able to offer the best production rates.

Gunite Solutions are also able to offer the latest in dust suppression technologies regarding shot blasting. We operate high quality water injection nozzles where required and can offer dust extraction equipment in dust sensitive environments.

We are highly experienced in the removal of toxic lead paint, which is hazardous to health and must be stripped with extreme care.

Gunite Solutions also offer services for stone and brick cleaning. Our methods range from low pressure abrasive blasting and TORC cleaning, to chemical washes and DOFF/Steam cleaning. We have an exemplary track record for residential building cleaning, infrastructure building cleaning and graffiti removal.