Recent Projects

Here are a few of our recent projects that Gunite Solutions have been proud to be a part of.

Coronation Parade, Folkestone

Coronation Parade, Folkestone Gunite Solutions were engaged here by a good client to repair concrete to the iconic 1940's sea defences. Years of sea erosion and salt attack left the concrete in a bad state and the reinforcement completely corroded. The entire beach and parade was closed off to allow the works to be carried out over 8 months. Concrete was removed by hydro-demolition by the client and after, we replaced the reinforcement bars and reinstated the concrete using Gunite dry spray. Overall concrete replaced was close to 500tons. The repairs were replaced using Weber.Cem RS. Gunite Solutions are experts in the repair of sea defence and marine structures.

West Sussex Waste Water Treatment Works

Gunite Solutions were engaged by a very good client to assist in carrying out remedial works to a waste water treatment plant. The concrete asset was badly damaged by corrosive gasses produced by sewage. The concrete had to be stripped back to find sound concrete using hydro-demolition. Once all defective concrete was removed, steel reinforcement was replaced were required, protected and the formwork installed. All repairs were the shot back with Gunite sprayed concrete. A final coating was applied to help prolong the life of the structure.

Holland Park, London

Gunite Solutions were employed on this project by our regular client to carry out structural stabilisation to the basement walls and under-pavement vaults. The works were to be carried out ahead of their waterproof tanking system. Gunite is a very good substrate for this and also an ideal repair method. The challenge here was to ensure the walls were left level and square, with small tolerances. GSL carried out gritblasting surface prep, meshing and steelfixing works ahead of the gunite placement. Some walls receiving up to 250mm thickness to achieve the levels set.

Dover Reservoir

Gunite Solutions were engaged here by a good client to remove a bituminous coating from the top of a reservoir. The works had to be done with great care and cleanliness due to the fact that the tank below was live, holding thousands of gallons of drinking water. We installed extensive protection around the areas to be blasted and then used inert abrasives to gritblast the areas. All the time monitoring the levels of mess and dust arising from the works and controlling it with extraction systems. The works were completed on time and the client could then lay new waterproofing coatings to the prepared concrete.

Weeley Bridge Arches, Essex

Gunite Solutions were engaged by a good client to repair and protect the concrete arches of the bridge. The arches were suffering from spalled concrete and severe cracking. The specification was to surface prep with hydro-Scabbling at 2000BAR, followed by installation of stainless steel reinforcement and a 75mm thick overlay of Gunite. The works were completed ahead of schedule, with the arch profiles and shapes retained with formwork. The entire area was finished with a 'cut and flash' finish which is aesthetically pleasing and helps to seal the concrete face to help resist water ingress.

Paint Factory River Berth, Silvertown

A client came to us with a request to repair the badly degrading wall of a shipping berth. The concrete was damaged in places due to objects/boats colliding with the structure, as well as salt attack causing spalling concrete. The repair specification was to surface prep the walls and break out any damaged/spalled concrete. Next the areas were meshed using stainless steel mesh and anchors. This was followed by a 50mm layer of sprayed concrete (Gunite) to reinstate repairs and form a consolidation/protective coating to prevent future degradation of the structure. Care had to be taken to prevent pollution of the River Thames and surrounding areas, as well as avoiding interruption of the factory operations on the berth. The works were successfully completed on time and the client was very happy.