Concrete Formwork

Gunite Solutions offer a fully comprehensive repair package to all our clients, including the design, supply and installation of all formwork. We can construct all formwork on site and install ready for poured concrete, sprayed concrete or simple repairs. We have a team of skilled carpenters familiar with this type of work.

Formwork can be required for achieving profiles and edges, forming walls and soffits to level and square (known as plumb and dot), casting shapes with concrete, backfilling, and much more.

We specialise in installing water resistant shuttering and formwork for marine environment repairs where alternatives to standard ply are usually required. This is due to ply warping when submersed in a tidal situation. This is greatly beneficial on sea defence work or works within harbours for example.

We install formworks relating to the following:

  • Cathodic protection overlay (gunite)
  • RC casting
  • Grouting
  • Bridge repairs
  • Reprofiling works

All formwork services are as part of a concrete repair package. Unfortunately we do not offer services relating to shuttering/site carpentry alone.

Please enquire for further information.